OSF Learning Center
511 S. Bascom Ave.
San Jose, CA 95128

Phone: 408-996-0850
Fax: 408-996-0850
Email: osf.office@gmail.com

Board of Directors
President - Sandra James
Vice President - Carl Yu
CEO - Lihuei Wei
Treasurer - Jennifer Yu
Secretary - Fari Aberg
Board Member - Shyun Duh
Board Member - Om Talajia
Board Member - Chihua Wei

Advisory Board
Richard Abdalah, Attorney at Law
Catherine Chen, Cupertino Chamber Board
Tina Ferguson, KRTY, KLIV Sales Manager
Richard Lowenthal, Cupertino Council-member
Orrin Mahoney, Cupertino Council-member
Mahesh Nihalani, Cupertino Chamber Board
Mary Ellen Peterson, PHP Executive DIrector
Dr. Ann Shin, Director of Health and Nutrition
Om Talaiia, Realtor, AAPA Vice President
Gilbert Wong, Wong Young Development

OSF Teachers and Staff
Lihuei Wei, CEO
Jennifer Yu, Director of Administration
Chihua Wei, Facilities Manager
Shirley Geis, Newsletter Editor
Shyun Duh, CPA
Jerry Wei, Webmaster